DATE & TIME: February 18th, 2020 - 7pm to 9pm

LOCATION: Dupont Naturopathy Family Clinic (789 Dupont Street)

COST: $40

About the Workshop:

Parenting a teenager can be challenging at its best.  At its worst, it can be an isolating, frustrating and an overwhelming experience.  Today’s parent finds themself in a unique landscape - they have children that grew up immersed in our ever-evolving technology (smartphones, social media, internet).  This parent struggles to reach the modern-anxious-teenager - all the while - seeming to navigate without any map or guidance. In addition, the parent is juggling the task of providing and raising their family and also dealing with the echoes of their own teen years.  As old unresloved dramas with their own parents/families, seem to hopelessly play out in the present with their own child. It’s not easy!


In this experiential workshop we explore the idea of supporting parents with their struggles - in particular discovering tools of self-support.  I deepen the concept of self-care - to develop practical strategies that parents can use when interacting with their teenager. I look at the physical experience of parenting as it impacts the body.  How does it feel when you talk or text with your teenager? How does it feel after you fight with them? How do you feel when your teenager rejects you? By paying close attention to your physical responses to these difficult scenarios - I help you develop coping mechanisms, so that when the situation arises again, you are better supported to meet your teen. 


About Moin Subhani

I’m a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) - with a private practice in Toronto.  I’ve been working with clients for three years - supporting them to address their mental health issues.  My modality is Relational Gestalt - which means I explore the physical experience of feelings and emotions, with special attention to the therapist-client relationship.  This translates into a therapeutic approach which shows you rather than tells you - I provide an experience for you to understand and explore your issue, instead of giving you instructions on how to solve your problems.   I’ve had a life-long interest in Eastern Spirituality and meditation - which I incorporate into my work. As a therapist, I’m creative and bring in movement, dance, music, writing, drawing, drama, pop-culture as relevant to deepen the therapy experience.